Orquesta Victoria’s live Tango presentation in Salinas was a relevant demonstration of the artistic marvels that can be accomplished through the integration of cultural diversity



By: Ernesto Altamirano

SALINAS, CA – This past Saturday night (November 12, 2016) we had the privilege of being visited by Orquesta Victoria from Buenos Aires, Argentina in Sherwood Hall in Salinas. This show was made possible by Mission Cultural Center for the Latino Arts and Villa Crespo Productions. I want to particularly thank Carlos Disidier of La Bohemia Productions for having given me and my friends tickets to enjoy such a magnificent spectacle.

Tango has a very important significance to me. My parents first met when they were in high school in Mexico City. My mother’s originally from El Paso, Texas and my father’s from Mexico City. True to Mexican traditions, they had a long courtship that lasted many years. During their courtship they made Carlos Gardel’s classic tango “El día que me quieras” “their” song. In 1977 they got married precisely to this great melody.

Without any doubt, we’re living a stage of great uncertainty, there’s a big divide among us who are lucky enough to called the United States of America our home. But I’ve always been an optimist, precisely because I’ve experienced firsthand what can be accomplished when different cultures come together.


And fortunately, I’m not the only one who feels the same way. Composer Débora Simcovich delighted the audience present at Salinas’ Sherwood Hall with the presentation of her new tangos from her new record “El Mundo is the World”, which were majestically presented by Argentina’s Orquesta Victoria. This orchestra was able to share the spirit of tango in an extraordinary way, particularly when it was sung by the astounding singer Mariana Quinteros. It takes a lot of talent to sing in Spanish, English, Italian and even Yiddish in the new tango composed by Débora Simcovich, “The Immortal Half Block”. Débora Simcovich is originally from Argentina, but lived in the Italian and Jewish “barrios”. Then she moved to the United States, and started to write new tangos and rearrange classic ones. For instance, one of the rearranged tangos that was performed yesterday was “The Day That You Love Me”, my parents own personal tango.

Débora Simcovich’s new album,  “The Mundo is the World” is an example of how high we can climb when we combine the richness of different cultures. Once this tour is over, I’m going to reach out to Ms. Simcovich for an interview so she can go into further detail regarding her experience as a multicultural artist!


For more information regarding the upcoming presentations of  La Bohemia Productions, please visit their official website: http://www.labohemiaproductions.com/



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