Travis Knight – Best Animated Film Golden Globes Nomination – Official Statement


“KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS” (Focus Features) –

Nominee, Best Animated Feature Film – Golden Globes

“My heartfelt thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press for honoring KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS with this wonderful distinction.  Working with the team of wizards and geniuses at LAIKA to bring KUBO to the world has been the most rewarding, most moving experience of my professional life.  I’m grateful for it.  And I’m grateful that the lovingly handcrafted efforts and brilliance of our extraordinary cast and crew have been so meaningfully recognized with this nomination.  At LAIKA, our great hope is that our stories reach, resonate with, and enrich the lives of people around the world, and so it means a great deal to us that the Hollywood Foreign Press, representing so many different countries and cultures, has found our work worthy of recognition.  I’m elated.” – Travis Knight, Golden Globe Award nominee as director/producer of KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS, Best Animated Feature Film Nominee


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