Big Year for Women at Cinequest 2017


SAN JOSE, CA -Cinequest has been inclusive from day one, championing multifaceted perspective, cultures, religions, sexual orientation, and gender. This year is a BIG one for women at Cinequest as Cinequest celebrates seventy-five (75) women Directors as well as Maverick Spirit Award recipient Jane Lynch (Actor, Glee, Best In Show) and Cinequest VR Visionary Award Recipient Maureen Fan (CEO & Co-Founder, Baobab Studios).

Here’s a taste of the 75 glorious films directed by Women at Cinequest:

Sauti (Voice): Five girls strive to build a future of hope. Directed by Gayle M. Nosal with Beret Strong, Sauti (Voice) deeply explores the meaning of courage, perseverance, and the importance of struggle, which make us stronger.

The Sounding: An outlier rebels against a world reluctant to embrace her voice in an unforgettable tale about humanity, about embracing those who are marginalized, and about how we should always strive to be something more…something extraordinary. Starring, written by, and directed by Catherine Eaton.

Woven : Weaving a riveting tale of an immigrant grappling to keep her customs alive, while maintaining her American lifestyle, directors Salome Mulugeta and Nagwa Ibrahim introduce us to the strong willed Elenie – a young Ethiopian-American psychologist who, after the death of her brother, struggles to maintain the status quo.

What If It Works?: Obsessive-compulsive, germaphobic Adrian spends his lonely days thinking about his former love. That is until he collides headlong into Grace, a whimsical street artist suffering from dissociative disorder. Directed by Romi Trower, What If It Works? Is a delightful journey filled with laughter and tears. You’d be crazy to miss it.

Lineup, Tickets, Passes: Get individual tickets for any event or screening or a phenomenal pass (affordable and loaded) at . We’ve increased the number of events and screenings from 365 to 504 and have upgraded our venues and expanded to Redwood City this year. There’s more to see and do and more convenience. Pick a day or night an plant yourself in downtown San Jose, Santana Row or Redwood City for an incredible time.


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