ANNOUNCING CINEQUEST VIRTURAL REALITY 2017 – Remarkable VR Experience in the Silicon Valley!



Remarkable VR Experience in the Silicon Valley 

SAN JOSE, Calif. – February 6, 2017 –It’s fitting that the Silicon Valley’s Cinequest, the longtime leader in showcasing the integration of technologies with filmed media, announces a spectacular and leading Virtual and Augmented Realities experience.

At the inaugural Cinequest VR Experience, Feb. 28 – Mar. 12 in San Jose and Redwood City, you’ll find Cinequest’s focus on empowering artists and innovators with technological and creative opportunity while connecting their creations to audiences. Cinequest VR occurs as a leading component of the Cinequest Film & VR Festival.

“You find the future of film at Cinequest.” – Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide
What’s different about Cinequest VR? First, it occurs in the epicenter of VR, the Silicon Valley. Second, it delivers much needed VR making workshops and forums for emerging and professional artists and producers. Third, Cinequest VR brings audiences two distinct content programs: cinematic and interactive VR. Fourth, it augments the isolating consumer experience gained in headsets through social interactions in a VR canteen. Finally, the Cinequest VR Awards connect Cinequest’s super-cred in the technology meets creativity space to recognize leading VR artists, technologists, and leaders.
“Representing the epicenter of virtual reality, Cinequest VR exists to meet current needs and celebrate this exploding industry. Our Board feels VR looks like the inception of TV. No matter how many boxes people had in their living rooms, if all they could see was static or off-putting programs, it’s doubtful TV would have succeeded. Cinequest VR will help emerging content creators access this opportunity and will celebrate and showcase the exciting successes of today’s VR.”—Halfdan Hussey (CEO, Co-Founder, Cinequest)

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