¡LOGAN’s Laura habla español!


By: Ernesto Altamirano

For most of “Logan”, child-mutant-weapon Laura/X-23 doesn’t speak, so it’s no surprise that one of the best parts of the film is when she finally does.

Throughout the movie, Wolverine (and the audience) have to assume that Laura is non-verbal, mute, since she communicates only through head nods and eye movement.

Cut to: Wolverine, badly wounded, passes out, and it’s up to Laura to get him to a doctor. When Logan comes to, he thanks her.

Laura responds, “de nada.”

And just like that – BOOM.  The reveal: Laura’s primary language is SPANISH.  Which totally makes sense because she was raised in Mexico…by Mexicans!

The moment is so awesome because, despite being able to speak English, Laura speaks in her preferred tongue, Spanish; and she doesn’t care whether Wolverine (or the audience) like or understand it.

Laura is played by Dafne Keene, a Spanish actress fluent in the language. Listening to her go off on Logan in Español is indescribably satisfying for Hispanos, who hardly ever hear main characters in mainstream media speak Spanish like a native, especially not in superhero movies.

As David Betancourt of the Washington Post writes:

“Laura’s outburst in another language doesn’t take over “Logan.” It isn’t a major plot point. Wolverine doesn’t have to Google translate the rest of the movie. But it was a surprising, brief and prideful moment for Spanish speakers. If you’ve ever watched a politician point to a television and say Americans should “speak American,” well, now you’ve got a young, adamantium-clawed rebel as a symbol to serve a hot steaming cup of a mi no me importa.

X-23 spent much of “Logan” on the run. But she never ran away from who she really is.”



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