The Henry Miller Library Closed!? They have a plan and need you help!!

henry miller

What Happened? 
Mother Nature Closed The Henry Miller Library!What? Really? *
Really!! No more film, music, books, poetry, art and music!

No one said living and working in Big Sur would be easy. But the current situation is unprecedented.The Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge is now a heap of rubble. It was demolished on March 20th due to structural damage caused by relentless winter rains.

The Henry Miller Library has been closed since mid-February. It will likely re-open late-May, but to far less foot traffic since vehicle access will remain cut off from the north for many months!

The loss of donations, book sales, event and rental income has already far exceeded $60,000. This income is cut off until a new bridge is in place and that will be at the earliest six months from now.

This is very difficult for a small non-profit like ours so we are reaching out to everyone we can – anything you can do will help us. Thank you!

We have a plan!
We’re not sitting idle on one side of the bridge we’re DOING something to help ourselves and the community as a whole but we need your help!

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