Lady Gaga Inspires the Cups of Kindness Collection!


A Front Row Seat To Kindness

Introducing the Cups of Kindness Collection

Six months ago, our Executive Director Maya Enista Smith shared the story, below, of a fundamentally simple but deeply human act of kindness that she witnessed at her local Starbucks.

Today, we’re so excited to announce that Born This Way Foundation and our Co-Founder Lady Gaga are teaming up with Starbucks to spread that message of kindness even further. We share a belief that our communities are strongest when we treat one another with compassion, respect, and generosity and we want to inspire music lovers, coffee drinkers, and everyone in between to put that philosophy into action.

So to kick off this partnership, Starbucks is launching the Cups of Kindness collection – four delicious and colorful drinks inspired and approved by our very own Lady Gaga. For every drink purchased between June 13th and June 19th, 25 cents will go towards Born This Way Foundation and our work to build a kinder, braver world.

So head to your local Starbucks and enjoy a Cup of Kindness today! You’ll be helping to support Born This Way Foundation programs like Channel Kindness and the idea that kindness can be a force for good!



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