Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers will be performing at the Greek Theatre in U.C. Berkeley on August 22 & 23!

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Photo Credit: Joel Bernstein

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers will be performing at the Greek Theatre in U.C. Berkeley on August 22 & 23!

The tour continues to receive widespread critical acclaim:

“There are few singer/songwriters that can craft a three-chord song with more meaning and depth than Tom Petty. His songs like ‘American Girl’ and ‘Free Fallin’ burrow themselves deep in the soul and simultaneously uplift with their simple beauty while quietly devastating as they unravel and lay bare human failing.” —Huffington Post

“I know Petty was already a revered and beloved rock hero, but from talking to musicians I’ve gotten the sense that Petty is now rightfully viewed as more of a true icon…Petty has entered into that hallowed terrain of artists whose music is the soundtrack of your life and whose two-hour sets are filled with hit songs that take you back to a place and time, capturing a moment and making you smile or wistful depending on the tune and the memory.” —Forbes

“Petty and the Heartbreakers are that rare group— like the Stones, the Boss, Fleetwood Mac and just a few others— who can fill an entire concert with certified mega hits spanning decades.” —Hartford Courant

“Petty essentially is classic rock music. To see him on stage is to see the radio come to life…Petty has lived in all of the radios of our lives, even in the age of the algorithm playlist.” —Denver Post

“All-around national treasure” —Yahoo Music

“One of America’s most enduring rock and roll bands.” —Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Nearly every song aroused a sing-along, some more uproarious than others, but each evinced the durability of Petty’s songs, which, no matter their age, felt timeless or independent of the decades in which they were born…The Heartbreakers are America’s Rolling Stones: one of its most respectable, esteemed and longest-running rock acts.” —Kansas City Star

“It was remarkable to consider just how well these songs have aged through the years. So many of these classic Petty cuts seem to exist in the ether, and the very idea of a world without his music is hard to fathom.” —American Songwriter

“…his band’s popularity endures, as do the hits spanning decades.” —Chicago Tribune

“It’s a testament to the depth of Tom Petty’s catalog that he can get away with playing ‘I Won’t Back Down’ (recorded by no less than Johnny Cash) and ‘Free Fallin’ (performed probably zillions of times at karaoke bars worldwide) as the sixth and seventh songs of a two-hour set. The number of living popular music performers for whom those two classics would not automatically have to be the show-closing anthems is probably in the single digits…He gave lovely introductions to the Heartbreakers, one of the best rock ‘n’ roll bands ever” —Austin American Statesman

“Petty’s understated genius applies not just to his personal demeanor, but to his music. He’s always accessible, without ever being dumb or boring.” —Minnesota Public Radio/The Current

“A two-hour-plus rock ‘n’ roll history lesson, replete with audience participation and much gratitude from the man in the spotlight.” —Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Not too many rock bands are able to stick around that long, and few of the ones that do last that long can’t still pack arenas and make great albums. Petty and his bandmates still do that.” —Bradenton Herald

“It’s time we start claiming ownership of the greatest American rock band of all time: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers…Petty’s an icon, a Hall of Famer, one of the all-time great rock songsmiths.” —Tampa Bay Times

“So why was Saturday’s concert by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers so satisfying…Because Petty has written and recorded so many songs that have become part of the classic-rock songbook.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Delivering a retrospective show that not only rekindled memories but also stood as a spirited tribute to a sound unbound by fleeting style.” —The Columbus Dispatch

“The iconic rock collective gave a performance that served as a reminder to the crowd that they were truly in the presence of living legends.” —Red Dirt Report

“Not many classic rock bands get to enjoy a 40th anniversary and even fewer are able to do so by selling out arenas wherever they play. In the case of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, they’re celebrating the occasion with as polished a set as any band you’ll see.” —Best Classic Bands

Additionally, Chris Stapleton, Peter Wolf, The Lumineers and The Shelters will perform as special guests on coming North American dates this summer. The band will also headline London’s Hyde Park as part of Barclaycard Presents British Summer Time with special guests Stevie Nicks, The Lumineers and The Shelters—this will be their only European performance of 2017.

See for details!






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